I want to report a player, where/how can I do that?

There are two options for reporting players.

1. The easiest way to report someone is to use the command !report on one of our servers. It opens up a menu where you can choose the player you want to report and choose a reason for the report. Reporting players in-game brings Admins onto the server the fastest. Reporting players in-game is also the easiest for you, because you don't have to provide evidence of the player you are reporting.


2. In our Discord server you will find a channel called #report-players where you can report suspected rule-breakers. When reporting in that channel we ask you to provide us with their Steam profile link, what server they are currently playing on, reason for report and evidence, which could either be a video or a screenshot. We want you to provide this information to us so that we are able to punish the suspected rule-breaker faster.


We really appreciate you helping out by reporting rule-breakers!

The estimated time for us to respond to your in-game report is from 1 to 10 minutes. For reports sent in through the Discord server the estimated response time is 5 minutes to 12 hours.

We are really looking forward to hear from you!


TURF! Support Team

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