I purchased a product on the store but I haven't received the virtual goods, what should I do?

Thanks for purchasing product(s) in our store and contributing to the community economically! However, sometimes there may be some issues with the granting of the virtual goods and in your situation that may have happen.

But before we estimate your situation as a bug we have to troubleshoot a few things first:

  • Make sure that the payment has been successfully sent.
  • Make sure that you were logged in to the correct account.
  • Restart the game and join a different server than you were on before.

If you have done all these things but you still haven't received your virtual goods, please create a ticket under the category "Store/product Issue" and we will help you from there!

The estimated time for us to answer to your "Store/product Issue" is from 1 to 48 hours.

We are really looking forward to hear from you!

TURF! Support Team

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