I got banned from the servers, what should I do?

Thank you for playing on the TURF! servers!

If you have been punished by any of our Admins and you feel like the punishment was falsely placed then our Support Team will gladly assist you in finding out whether your ban was indeed false or if it was correct. These are the steps you have to take to reach out to our Support Team here on TURF!

  • Create a ticket under the category "Ban Appeal"¬†and patiently wait for any of our Support Team members to answer and take care of your specific case.

If you do not want to appeal your punishment and just want to see how long it is left on your ban you can follow these steps.

  • Visit our Sourcebans page and locate the "Bans" page. You can then later on search for your ban by clicking "Advanced Search".

The estimated time for us to answer to your "Punishment appeal" is from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

We are really looking forward to hear from you!


TURF! Support Team

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