How to download and view demos

1. Download the demo by clicking "Click here to download the demo" inside the #demos channel in our Discord server and download WinRAR.

2. Go to your CS:GO files, to find them, go into your Steam library and right-click on Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, select Properties then click on the button that says Browse Local Files.

3. You will get to a folder called Counter-Strike Global Offensive inside that folder there should be a folder called csgo, inside the csgo folder, create a new folder called demos. You should copy the bz2 file that you downloaded, into the folder that you just created.

4. When it has been copied, right click on the bz2 file and click on Extract Here (this requires you to haveĀ WinRAR downloaded) while in the demos folder, you can delete the bz2 file. Launch CS:GO.

5. When your game is open, press SHIFT + F2 on your keyboard. This will now bring up the demo viewer on the left hand side of your screen. Click on the Load button and go into the folder called demos.

6. You will now find your demo file that you extracted from the bz2 file that you downloaded, double-click on that file and you should be loading into the demo round.

7. If you are being brought back to the main menu you will just have to load the demo again.

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